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Facilities Management Systems(FMS) for achieving operational excellence.

 UbiGuard-FMS is an intelligent facility monitoring and control solutions that combines sensor and digital camera networks with various services for 24x7x365 monitoring of environment parameters(humidity, temperature, smoke, leakage), equipments and ntrances(doors, gates, windows, corridors) for the facilities requiring the ultimate goals in natural and manmade disaster or failure prevention and speedy recovery.

 Sensors and digital cameras continuously measure or monitor environment conditions, equipments status and entrances and transmit collected data to UbiGuard-FMS database server within the building site, where the monitoring application performs a variety of data analysis, logging and reporting functions. Depending on the information generated from the acquired data, concerned parties are alerted by email, text message or phone so that relevant measures are carried out to reduce business interruptions and repairing costs.

Environment Management - Monitoring environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity, eakage, fire, smoke, etc

Video/Security Control - Managing Security related events by using DVR and gate Control systems

Facilities Failure Manageme - Facilities Failure Management Monitoring failures and status of such facilities as UPS, Thermo-hygrostat, rectifiers, etc

Minimizing Downtime - 1. Fast finding of failure sources by the analysis of event data related to the failures 2. Prevention of failure spreading by early detection of failures through optimized operation management systems

Prevention Oriented Management - 1. Precise event management by setting of multi-level thresholdvalues 2.Failure prediction by periodic collection of status and performance data

Efficient Management - 1. Operational cost reduction by realtime unmanned remote onitoring systems 2. Supplying of optimized solutions according to facilities environment